Multi-application support

Sensencall gateways can be used for real time location tracking, proximity marketing and industrial IoT applications.

Hassle free deployment

Just plug in and read the QR code with our mobile app. All wifi/mesh network and cloud setting will be applied instantly.

Industrial application support

Various insdustrial protocols suc as RS485, RS232, Can-Lin bus (Truck refrigeration integration, data dumping), OBDll and Modbus is available with customization.

Remote I/O customization

Relay and opto-isolated digital I/o ports modules can be added.

Cloud based management

Once Sensencall gateway has been registered, all gateways can be managed through your account.


Gateway Technical Properties

Bluetooth2 listening modules based on Nordic semiconductors
Sensitivity for Bluetooth-92 dBm
ConnectivityUSB, Wi-F, 802.11 b/g/n (Only 2.4 Ghz) and optioan Ethernet/PoE
Advanced ModulesRelay control, optp-isolated digital I/O ports, various industrial communication protocols.
StorageUp to 32Gb sd card storage